Infrared Therapy Services in Charlotte, NC

Detoxification – Increases core temperature resulting in deep, detoxifying perspiration
Weight Loss – Burns calories, stimulates metabolism, and shrinks belly fat
Pain Relief – Relieves muscle and joint pain, and speeds up muscle recovery
Skin Health – Purges skin and facilitates nourishment for a fresh, youthful appearance
Heart Health – Passively increases heart rate, improves circulation, and reduces blood pressure
Relaxation – Promotes peace of mind and overall feeling of well-being, leads to better sleep

KUR Health Spa’s Infrared Therapy is unique in many ways – beginning with the fact that every guest is invited to enjoy their experience in a private suite, and couples may book a private room equipped with two individual units – so each person can benefit from an Infrared session tailored to their specific health needs and goals. Furthermore, all of our units are designed to ensure maximum benefit and comfort – clients lay upon a cushioned Infrared pad with a pair of telescoping Infrared sections above; enabling the entire body to be fully bathed in gently warming Infrared light energy.

Privacy – all clients may opt for a private solo suite, and couples can book a session in a private room that is equipped with two individual units – so each person’s session can be customized as desired
Equipment – we purchased the highest-quality infrared units made today, and then had custom-built benches crafted to support them
Position – the infrared units we selected allow guests to recline and completely relax; experiencing infrared therapy in the prone position helps to facilitate increased circulatory and lymphatic system flow
Design – the telescoping dome design allows all sides of the user’s body to be bathed in warm healthful light energy while the individual’s head remains free to breathe-in cool room air
Aromatherapy – aromatherapy diffusers are in every room, and offered to all guests at no extra charge
Towels and Hygiene – top-of-the-line towels (bamboo for its anti-bacterial properties and plushness) are utilized

At KUR health spa we strive to make your infrared experience the best it can be! A whole new U !