Bio-Electric Magnetic Therapy near South End, NC

For many people, Bio-electric Magnetic therapy simply has to be experienced to be appreciated and understood. A very powerful electric magnet located beneath the treatment table can selectively address one’s areas of concern by non-invasively depolarizing the muscles and nerves. The device and protocols we utilize have been proven to be safe and effective for more than 20 years, and are FDA cleared. Clients seeking an increase in range of motion, or relief for cramped or aching muscles may find particular benefit, as well as those who want or need stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Bio-electric Magnetic therapy enables the body to heal itself faster without invasive procedures or additional prescription medications. The magnetic pulses stimulate muscles deep within the body – relieving cramps and tension, increasing healthful blood flow to the area, and helping to reduce associated acute or chronic pain. With more than 7 million treatments to date (and counting!) Bio-Electric Magnetic therapy is the standard of care for some sensitive conditions in many countries around the world.

Bio-electric Magnetic therapy is for athletes of all levels and for the elderly alike – by aiding with core strengthening and increasing range of motion it can help athletes and be a key to a falls prevention program for the elderly. Furthermore, bio-electric magnetic therapy is a viable option for those with issues related to disuse muscle atrophy, and may be a means relief for chronic and acute pain.